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10 Kid’s Dental Emergencies And What To Do

10 Kid’s Dental Emergencies And What To Do Right Away As they progress through the different phases of childhood, kids experience many dental developmental changes. Dental emergencies can happen to kids at any time, and as a parent or guardian, it is important to realize this and know what to do in case it happens. It has been observed that these emergencies occur more during breaks from school or vacations when children engage in physical activities like riding bikes and playing sports. 

When a dental emergency occurs, it is crucial that you, as a guardian or parent, maintain composure and convince your child that they will be fine. Speed is important in most kids’ dental emergencies as emergency orthodontic care is usually required. In these situations, it is important as a parent or guardian to know who you need to call and what to do.

Below are ten kids’ dental emergencies and what you should do right away when it happens. 

1. Cut or bite the tongue, cheek, or lip: As adults, we know how painful it can be to bite down on your lip, cheek, or tongue. While this usually causes minimal injury, children may react with shrieks or crying due to pain. As a parent or guardian in this situation, do not panic and calmly reassure the child. 

Start by lightly washing the area with water. To help manage and reduce swelling, apply ice packs as a cold compress to the affected area. Apply mild pressure with a fresh piece of gauze or cloth if the area is bleeding. If the swelling is severe and cannot be managed with pressure, consult your dentist in Fullerton for an orthodontist’s urgent care.

2. Knocked-out baby tooth: A baby tooth that has been knocked out is usually not viewed as an emergency. Even so, you might still need to give your dentist Fullerton a call. It is usually helpful to keep the knocked-out baby tooth and bring it with you to the appointment. The baby tooth does not need to be kept moist like you would with permanent teeth.

3. Knocked-out permanent tooth: This is an important dental emergency that arises when your child has developed permanent teeth, and one or more of them are knocked out. Begin by looking for other, more severe injuries on your child. Damage to the head can occasionally result in teeth being knocked out. 

If you manage to find the tooth, only handle the crown and try to keep your hands away from the root. At this point, keeping the tooth moist is the most vital thing to remember. You can attempt to see if the tooth fits in its socket. If it does, have the kid hold it by biting on some gauze.

When the tooth does not fit back into its socket, you can keep it moistened by placing it in a saline or milk solution. You should visit your emergency orthodontist as fast as possible without other injuries. 

4. Fractured or partially broken jaw: Remain calm and exercise caution when handling a potentially fractured jaw. Keep the jaw from moving and gently use cold compresses to try and reduce the swelling. Once this is done, contact your dentist Fullerton for an urgent orthodontist appointment. 

5. A severe blow to the head: There will probably be some kind of oral trauma if your child has taken a serious head injury. In this situation, it’s imperative to bring your kid into the emergency room of the closest hospital as soon as you can, as this is one dental problem that needs more intensive care than can be provided by your pediatric dentist’s emergency care team. Extreme swelling of the face or gums, along with ongoing, uncontrollable oral bleeding, are also dental conditions requiring a visit to the emergency room of a hospital.

6. Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity can arise from various factors, from injuries to cavities. When your child complains of pain when eating or drinking hot or cold items, it is advisable to book an urgent visit with your dentist Fullerton to correct the underlying cause of their tooth sensitivity.

7. Object stuck in the mouth: Try carefully removing any objects lodged in your child’s mouth with floss first. You should never utilize a pointed or sharp instrument close to children’s teeth or gums. Contact your dentist Fullerton immediately if the object remains in place.

8. Lost or loose fillings: Fillings could break loose, fall out, or disappear entirely. We recommend that you arrange an emergency appointment with your dentist as soon as possible, as a filling can foster bacterial growth and cause pain whenever it shifts from its original position and exposes the tooth underneath.

9. Severe toothache: A toothache can be anything from a small inconvenience to a serious problem. A piece of food lodged in your child’s tooth might occasionally be the source of agony! As soon as they mutter, “I have a toothache,” rinse their mouth completely. You can also use dental floss to remove any bits of food stuck in their mouths gently. 

Your kid may also experience toothaches from a cavity, an abscess, or another problem. Contact your dentist Fullerton for urgent care. 

10. Dental Abscess: This is an infection that develops inside the root of the tooth, and it can be extremely painful. It produces a pus-filled pocket that, if ignored, can result in several health problems. Your Fullerton dentist will perform a professional dental examination to determine the source of the abscess and the best course of treatment. Be aware that you must go straight to the emergency hospital if your child’s abscess is so bad that it interferes with their ability to breathe, raises their temperature, or causes swelling of their face.

We’re equipped to handle Children’s Dental Emergencies.

Knowing the first steps following a dental emergency is important and ensures that your little one is ready to receive professional emergency dental help. It is critical to schedule regular cleanings for your dental exams. Fullerton Orthodontics & Children Dentistry is prepared to handle a wide range of dental emergencies. If you have any dental emergencies or questions, please contact our Fullerton, CA office!