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How to Prevent Cavities in Toddlers That Can Save Their Lives

How to Prevent Cavities in ToddlersGetting a cavity remains one of the most inconvenient dental problems for children. If left unchecked, cavities can become serious infections. Most activities happen on the surface of the teeth, though it is essential to know that cavities can also occur between the teeth.

Most parents make the mistake of waiting to see their dentist until their children get a toothache or experience sensitivity on the surface of their teeth. As a result of a surface cavity, the sensitivity happens regularly which is an indication that a professional opinion is warranted. However, there are interproximal cavities that do not often exhibit the same kind of sensitivity. As such, you typically don’t experience pain from having a cavity in such areas. Missed dental checkups could lead to cavities going undiagnosed and thus lead to significant problems.

Cavities remain a leading cause of tooth loss which can increase the probability of an individual getting bacterial infections.

Cavities also statistically increase the risk for heart disease. Research has confirmed that cavity buildup increases the risk of heart disease and stroke contraction. The bacteria that cause the cavities release a toxin that travels through the bloodstream. This forms fatty plaques in the arteries.

If you suspect your child may have a cavity, feel free to call our pediatric dental office located in Fullerton, CA for an appointment. Our specialist will provide a thorough diagnosis through the use of x-rays and a visual examination. After noting the presence of the cavity, we’ll be able to determine if any and how much decay has occurred.

Brushing and flossing at least 2 times per day for a minimum of 2 minutes will help make sure all parts of your child’s teeth are well cleaned and aid in the prevention of cavities.

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